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Crowdfund your own event

  • Start a campaign to crowdfund your event with a unique theme, format and speaker(s)
  • We judge every initiative on it's potential and realism
  • If we commit to your campaign, be prepared to invest your time and network

If your campaign is successful:

  • You are at the center of a unique, crowdfunded event
  • You get invaluable exposure in your field of interest
  • You will get to know your source of inspiration on a personal level


Let's get started!

I would like to see live on stage
It should take place in

I think people would join me,
and are willing to pay for a ticket


Starting a campaign gives you the opportunity to get your favorite speaker on stage in  a city near you, when he/she rarely comes to or has never been in your country.

Starting a campaign gives you:

  • A chance to see your favorite speaker live
  • A chance to have a meet & greet with him/her (we try to arrange this for all starters)
  • A free, front-row ticket to the event
  • Influence in what the event is going to be like (program-wise)
  • Great networking opportunities

Watch this video or contact us if you want to know more.


To start a campaign go to the launch page. Fill in the form by writing down which speaker you would like to start a campaign for, select your preferred city and estimate how many people are joining your campaign for and what they are willing to pay for a ticket. Our support team is on standby if you need assistance and can be contacted via de support chat as well as

Remember that we need to accept your campaign first before it’s visible on the website.

This depends on the speaker’s availability. Once the Golden Tickets have been sold we will do our best to set the date and time as soon as possible. We will update the campaign page and send an update to all the ticket holders once the date is known.

They hosted a succesful event

Erik Mooij
Erik Mooij Starter of Reinvent the way we work and learn

The event turned into an amazing day. I have spoken to many people who recognized the necessity of this conference.

Thijs Sprangers
Thijs Sprangers Starter of Eric Ries

I had the opportunity not to only meet my source of inspiration, but also to inspire 800 other Lean Startup enthusiasts!

Hugo Raaijmakers
Hugo Raaijmakers Starter of Breaking Barriers 2016

There are still so many barriers in the Fintech industry. We decided that we really had to make a campaign for it.

Anne Hofstede
Anne Hofstede Starter of Alfie Kohn

Things are already starting to happen because of the event. I just spoke to a publisher and a debate organizer. Great things will follow!