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Information for requested artists

You're On Demand!

Surprised? Shocked?

We understand. You just found out you’re popular in places you never even heard of. People are interested in seeing you live? There’s a price tag on your appearance and you didn’t even know about this? How does this work?

Why Live on Demand?

We are a crowdfunding platform for live performance. Kickstarter for live events. We believe in connecting people online and offline through their shared love for music or inspiration. Our main goal is to help fans realize the dream of seeing their heroes live on stage. "Heroes" can be artists, speakers, writers, bands, chefs,… any one they admire.

What do we offer?

We offer you new markets and opportunities for live appearances. At low risk, because we only approach you or your agent when the first critical mass of paying customers is reached.

How do we manage expectations?

The starter knows from the moment he or she starts a request, that it’s uncertain if, when and where an event is taking place. Throughout the first stage (seeding stage) it is made absolutely clear to the starter and the people joining, that nothing is certain until we have contacted the hero or their representatives. For taking that risk, the first people get Golden Tickets. Which gives them influence on the location, front row seats or (and only if you agree) a meet and greet. There’s a full refund guarantee if not enough people join or in case you are not bookable. They know this.

How do we set a price in seeding stage?

With our network of partners (artist managers, speaking agencies and event organizers) we have made estimations of the most common requests. For each request we estimate the budget and the capacity. Based upon that we set a price. Of course we don’t know your fee, but there are costs that we do know upfront. Such as the rental of the location, event organization and marketing.

When were we going to contact you?

When the seeding stage is completed, we have a number of dedicated and serious fans that have provided enough funding and preferences so that we can contact you or your representatives.

What happens next?

If you’re up for it, we meet and discuss the opportunity. Hopefully we will come to an agreement. If that happens, we connect you to the starter, the one fan that got it all going. Based on your terms and conditions we set the event to "option stage" and we provide a new price and critical mass as well as a date and location. If enough people join during the seeding stage, we make the booking final and the event takes place!

What if you have objections about being requested at Live on Demand?

If you don’t perform anymore, or you are not interested to do so in the futures, or if you have any other reasons why you don’t want to be mentioned on Live on Demand, please let us know!
Send us an email at support [at] liveondemand [dot] com and we will answer your questions. If you want us to remove the request, we will remove the request and inform the starter and other fans.

For more information, you can also check the Frequently Asked Questions