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Ricardo Semler

395 fans and 5 sponsors made it happen

Ricardo Semler

to Utrecht, The Netherlands


Ricardo Semler: “The key to management is to get rid of all the managers”
“The key to management is to get rid of all the managers”. It’s a pretty bold statement to make in front of a group of 500 people of whom a lot are managers but it’s the statement, which describes Ricardo Semlers management style. 
On Tuesday June 24th 500 fans gathered in the NBC Congrescentrum in Nieuwegein to listen to a speech by their favourite speaker; Ricardo Semler. Besides the fact that he lets his employees decide their own salary and working hours, Ricardo Semler is also known for cancelling appointments. He starts every day by checking his agenda en cancels everything that doesn’t seem important enough of that can wait until a later time. So, of course, during he speech Ricardo Semler got asked the question why he didn’t cancel today. He answered, “Because the Dutch have the highest ability to converge on the age of wisdom”. After his speech Ricardo Semler met with the lucky few that bought a Golden Ticket, answered their questions and was happy to pose for a picture with all of them.
For those who had to miss out we took some pictures, made a short video and gathered our favourite Semler quotes:
“Every company has the same company values. It’s just bullshit! We all want to deliver a reliable product. There’s no one who’s saying: I want to make a product that falls apart after six months”.
“We’re all becoming box people. We live in a box, we drive to work in a box, when we arrive at the office we take an elevator box up, then we sit in a box all day and when we come we watch a box!”
Ricardo Semler on companies that want to make a 20% profit: “If you’re making 20% a year you’re either in coke or you own a brothel, it’s just not possible”.
And about our current school system: “The current school system is totally schizophrenic”.
For more quotes check out #SemlerNL on Twitter, read the blog posts that were written after the seminar on this page or watch the after-movie above.

NBC Congrescentrum, Blokhoeve 1 Nieuwegein

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Ricardo Semler is one of the greatest innovators of our time. Refusing to conform to the traditional way of doing things and not afraid to experiment radically, he discovered new approaches to organizing companies, education and society.
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And it's already time for the final question we asked Ricardo Semler. Question 5: What are the most common misconceptions about Semco style?

Question 4: "How does the Dutch company culture fit Semco style?"

Warming up to June 24th Ricardo Semler answered 5 questions. Question 3: "Can any company become the next Semco?"

Time for Question 2: "The concept is about freedom, openness and happiness... isn't it too good to be true?"

When Ricardo Semler was in Amsterdam last April we had a chance to ask him a bunch of questions. Every couple of days we'll release a short clip with one of the questions from our Q&A with him. First up "How long does it take to do a Semco style transformation?"

Great news! You will all see Ricardo Semler live! However the event is going to take place on a different date and at a different location: Tuesday June 24th at the BNC Congrescentrum Nieuwegein from 09.00-12.00 AM. As you may have seen we were not the only ones who wanted Ricardo Semler to come to the Netherlands. De Baak is also organizing an event with Ricardo. The dates of both events were within a short period of time and that is why we have decided to solve this 'Semco-style' by combining both events into one. You can read more about it in our blog (just click the link below) and check out the video we made when Ricardo visited Amsterdam a few weeks ago!
De Baak en Live on Demand voegen Ricardo Semler events samen

Today, April 15th is the last day of the option stage for the Ricardo Semler request. Although the critical mass has not yet been reached completely (74%), we are working hard to offer you Ricardo Semler live anyway. The past days we have been working on the necessary arrangements. We hope to inform you with details as soon as possible. And as soon as we've got news, you will be the first to know.

The American Book Centre will be present at the seminar with their own pop-up store. You can get your own copy of 'Maverick' or 'Seven day weekend' there! But of course you can also already buy his books beforehand. Just click the link below to see the ABC in the Wild event and find the books at the bottom of the page.
ABC in the Wild

We have sold 100 Golden Tickets for the request for Ricardo Semler. This means that Live On Demand is now contacting the representatives of Ricardo Semler to book an option for Ricardo Semler to visit The Netherlands. If the request happens, the first 100 people get the privilege of special seating and may influence the choice of location. Should it be impossible to book this hero, we refund all Golden Tickets.

ARPA Training & Consultancy has joined the request for Ricardo Semler. This brings the request that was started by Herman Hintzen, a big step forward! ARPA Training & Consultancy, is a growing Lea(r)n institute, that trains and coaches people working in listed companies as well as SMEs, covering different branches, in their path towards becoming self-learning organisations. Their main ideas are based on both the implementation of the Lean philosophy within business processes, and on creating a drive within people to keep learning. Inspiration comes from many different people, from top sport coaches to innovative CEOs, and for a very great part from the ideas and books by Ricardo Semler.
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