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Eric Ries

808 fans and 15 sponsors succesfully funded

Eric Ries

to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A Full Day of Lean Startup Inspiration

Talking about an afterglow. Yesterday was the biggest crowdfunded event ever (looking at ticketsales revenue), obviously facilitated via our platform. A bunch of Eric Ries fans started a campaign to get him live in Amsterdam and that happened yesterday.

In a lean and mean startup surrounding we've found the perfect location to host the event. Even at the early calltime of 8 it was a magical place to be. (Also, we've added our own red Live on Demands sauce). Coffee was ready, a traffic jam was happening on the highway exit and we felt like kids having their birthdayparty.

As soon as it was 9 o'clock our very own co-founder Thijs opened the exciting day and passed on the mic to the special envoy of our Dutch startupscenery Neelie Kroes.

She lid up the room with a edgy but very impressive speech about how she's fed up with bureaucracy, how change can only come from action and referred to the Japanese Muda, Mura, Muri. Which means: the art of adding value and decrease waiste in all shapes and forms in an organization.

Next up was our hero of the hour, Mr. Eric Ries. (Imagine a big round of applaus). Eric addressed his former work, experiences, learning, best-practices and failures. He's the kind of speaker you keep on listening to and stay hungry for more and more. The coffeebreak was both the end of the first part and made room for the panel where Eric was joined by two other Lean startup experts. Four speakers of Twoodoo, Peerby, Philips Digital and Sanoma Labs fired their cases to Eric and the panel of experts to get lean answers to less lean challenges. For a moment we felt as if we were in Silicon Valley and that's a good thing!

The afternoon was filled with room for discussions, Q&A's and practicing the Lean startup method for all guests there.

We would like to make a special 'hear-hear' to the tables from Rockstart and Adobe to have stayed the longest at the roundtablesessions. Well done, guys!

Over diner we looked back at a very special and memorable day for us as Live on Demand. Not only is it our biggest event so far, also the biggest ever in ticketsales. This would be the place to thank our partners and enablers: eFocus, Startup Bootcamp, Sanoma Labs, Philips, ING, Innoleaps, Adobe, TomTom, Rabobank, Startup Delta, American Bookcenter, Rockstart, The Next Speaker, BNR, Marketingfacts and Lean Startup Circle.

On to the next one!


B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a, Amsterdam

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Plenary Program

Starter Experience

The Lean Startup is changing the way new products are build and launched. Entrepreneurs, managers and big companies all over the world are tapping in. With The Lean Startup, Eric Ries initiated a global movement, with meetups in 94 cities. He is a very inspiring speaker too.
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Started by Thijs, Robbert & Tessa


We are proud to announce that Special Envoy for Startups Neelie Kroes will join Eric Ries live on stage. Neelie Kroes will deliver the opening keynote that morning. As vice president of the EU Commission she was responsible for the Digital Agenda of Europe. Since 2015 she is the ambassador for Startup Delta; a network of 10 leading Dutch innovation hubs. Furthermore your moderator for the morning keynotes and debate will be TedX Amsterdam's Jim Stolze.

Just a little over two weeks before you will all see Eric Ries live on stage. In the meantime we have some exciting news about our afternoon program for that day. 

In the afternoon there will be 10 roundtable sessions hosted by partners of the event. These roundtables can be anything from discussions on Growthacking by Startupbootcamp to an ask-me-anything session with Lean Startup experts from the Lean Startup Circle. Or TomTom discussing the question wether the Lean Startup Method means there's no use for quantitive research anymore. 

All the information on the different roundtables can be found here. You can sign up for these roundtables in advance at our Eventbrite page. Just 'buy' a free ticket to the roundtable that you want to attend. Please note that there are new roundtables each hour, so from 14.00-15.00, 15.00-16.00 and 16.00-17.00, which means that you can sign up for three of them if you like.

Sign up for the roundtables here
We like to prep the speakers you want to see live on stage as best as possible. This 'Welcome Package' includes everything one might need when visiting Amsterdam to give a keynote speech. For example: A book about our lovely capital, some flyers of the event (he's gotta know where to go!), a t-shirt and of course some Live on Demand coasters!
Welcome Package
Great job! Thanks to you guys, our sponsors Rockstart Accelerator, Startup Bootcamp, eFocus, the Lean Startup Circle, American Bookcenter , Amsterdam Economic Board, Marketingfacts, BNR, Philips, Sanomalab, InnoLeaps, ING and of course the lovely team behind this campaign the booking for Eric Ries is final! This means that Eric Ries is now definitely coming to Amsterdam March 2nd. We're super excited about seeing Eric Ries live and hope you are too. Over 300 people already joined but there's still room for more so don't be shy to invite your boss, that one cute colleague, or maybe just the whole office.
The booking is final!
We are proud to announce Philips as fourth and final case in the Eric Ries event. Subject of the case is how Philips is transforming and accelerating its business by applying the fundamentals of Lean Startup. At the Live on Demand event with Eric Ries, four entrepreneurs will present their case of how they use Lean Startup to efficiently build a better business. Two corporates and two startups. Eric and the entrepreneurs will discuss the case and the audience can participate too. Fourth and final case is Philips. A company in full transition to adapt to the digital era. Within the division of Consumer Lifestyle, many teams are tapping into Lean Startup methodology. To rethink existing propositions but also to start and grow new ones. An internal accelerator is part of this plan. We are proud to announce Hugo Raaijmakers on stage...
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Final case announced: Philips
Thanks to the early adopters of our campaign to get Eric Ries on stage, and the corporate sponsors that have joined last week, we are excited to let you know that we can lower the second critical mass to 300 tickets! What does this mean? It means that only another 58 people need to join before the performance on March 2nd is definite. When a total of 300 people have joined, the booking of Eric, location and other things becomes final. It also means prices will rise once we have reached this critical mass, so make sure you're quick ;) Together, we can make this happen, so please join us in finding these 58 people (colleagues, friends, your doctor or anyone else who might be interested). We are confident that once the booking is final, a lot of others will follow and we will be able to welcome Eric Ries in a full house! We are looking forward to the event and seeing you all. We will keep you informed on the progress! Thijs, Tessa and Robbert
Just over 50 tickets until we reach the second critical mass!
Twoodo gets your team organized by letting you create workflows and assign tasks directly from conversations. Third case at the Eric Ries event is Twoodo, a team collaboration tool that let's you create workflows from conversations. On stage will be Cofounder and Growthhacker of Twoodo David Arnoux. In his case of Twoodo he will take you through the complete process of iterative design. David designed a 6 step iteration which he will share with the audience...
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At the Live on Demand event with Eric Ries, four entrepreneurs will present their case of how they use Lean Startup to efficiently build a better business. Two corporates and two startups. Eric and the entrepreneurs will discuss the case and the audience can participate too. Second case is Sanoma Lab. According to the lean startup community Sanoma has the first Lassi Sanomainnovation lab based on lean startup principles in The Netherlands. On stage is Lassi Kurkijärvi...
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Second case announced: Sanoma Lab
Hi there! Hope you are enjoying this week, in which the Lean Startup Conference takes place in San Francisco, and you got to watch one of the live streams and are even more inspired by Eric Ries and the Lean Startup method. Time is flying by and believe it or not, in less than 3 months Eric will hit the stage in Amsterdam. Make sure you don't miss it! This week (until Sunday December 14th) is the LAST WEEK you can buy your EARLY BIRD ticket (for 245 euros ex. VAT) before prices go up by 20%. So hurry and make sure you join starters Thijs, Tessa and Robbert and over 200 others in making this crowdfunding successful! Have a great Lean Startup week and hopefully see you soon! The Live on Demand Team

At the Live on Demand event with Eric Ries, four entrepreneurs will present their case of how they used Lean Startup to efficiently build a better product. Two corporates and two startups. Eric and the entrepreneur will discuss the case and the audience can participate too. First startup case is Peerby, the P2P lending platform. Founder Daan Weddepohl (@dwed) willshare how he used Lean Startup in setting up Peerby. When Daan was ...
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First case announced: Peerby
Hi, As a ticketholder or follower of the request for Eric Ries you are actively supporting the campaign to get Eric Ries live on stage. We would like to update you on the most recent developments regarding his possible live performance in Amsterdam. Good news is that Eric is travelling again. Finally we have a found a few dates that possibly work for Eric’s agenda early 2014. Together with our partners at The Next Speaker we have set up a proposal which is now under review by Eric Ries and his agent. As soon as we have a decision and a date, you will be the first to know. It definitely helps a lot if the number of fans joined keeps growing, so don’t forget to keep sharing the request. It would be great if all Dutch Eric Ries fans get the chance to see/meet their idol in the Netherlands. Companies can join too! Have a great day! The Live on Demand Team

The news is there is no news - or is there? There is no date yet. But a lot has happened since our last update. Since April we have been in contact with Eric's agent in San Francisco again. We're trying to work out an interesting proposal. Although Eric has recently become father and is therefore traveling less then before, the Amsterdam option is still not off the table. What else happened? The Dutch publisher of Lean Startup has joined the project. Several accelerators are interested to join the request once a date has been set. And through our partners at The Next Speaker we have found more companies that are interested. If you keep faith, we keep trying! And maybe you will find yourself on stage having a meet & greet just like the Ricardo Semler fans did last week:
Live on Stage - Meet & Greet
What happened in the past few weeks?
We have been in contact with Eric Ries and his agent. This is the case: due to an overcrowded schedule for business obligations, Eric can not plan any international travel until June 2014. However, because he was charmed by the initiative of Live On Demand, he is willing to consider a trip across the ocean. By April 1st 2014 we will be in contact with Eric's agent again to discuss options. The request will remain in freeze until April 1st 2014. Then we will know if and when an event will take place and the event will move to option stage or you will be refunded.

Woohoo! You guys did it! All the Golden Tickets have been sold. We will now contact Eric Ries to see if (and when) he would be able to come. Stay tuned..

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