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Eric Ries

330 fans and 4 sponsors successfully funded

Eric Ries

to Oslo, Norway

A Full Day of Lean Startup Inspiration

Eric Ries conference in Oslo made possible with crowdfunding
‘Have Effective Organizations killed innovation?’ with world-renowned Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries

On February 8th 2016 the first ever crowdfunded event in Scandinavia takes place. 400 fans and 4 companies have successfully funded Eric Ries to Oslo. During this full day event Eric Ries inspired local entrepreneurs and corporates on how to use the Lean Startup methodology to get Norway ready for a life after oil. 

Opening keynote Anita Krohn Traaseth, CEO of Innovation Norway opened the conference by stating: 
"It's so cool Live on Demand, the new TedX 2.0, has finally come to Norway!"



Ullevaal Business Class, Oslo

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Registration, morning coffee & networking




Keynote opening


Keynote speech






Case presentations and debate with Eric Ries




Creative transformations in Scandinavian enterprises


Live Experiment


Henrik Gustav Faller


Wrap up


End of official program

Starter Experience

The aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 forced Norwegian companies to become increasingly efficient and cost effective. But what price do we pay for efficiency? Have effective organisations killed innovation? Iterate and Live on Demand are organising this conference to help Norwegian companies truly embrace innovation to grow and by doing so conceive the unicorns of the future.
Started by

Started by Rita, Simen & Tore

News is a former portal site turned news aggregator. Founded in the mid 90's as a portal page that came bundled with your purchase of a dialup connection, SOL has made a significant transition over the course of the last 20 years. The company has 44 employees (developers, journalists and sales representatives), with a revenue around 65 MNOK and a result margin of around 20% in the last fiscal year.

News sites dominate the online landscape of Norway. Currently, is the 10th largest mobile site in the country, but the ambition is to grow and claim fifth place on the official ranking. uses lean startup principles to cultivate innovation within an established organization. Case presentation will me made by managing editor Lill Kristin Syversen. is a young, technology driven and ambitious team of 10 entrepreneurs and over 70 employees working to help people do groceries faster, more comfortable and smarter. have used Lean Startup principles to move rapidly and increase competitiveness to ensure increasing market share in a very forward-looking and fast-growing industry.

Case presentation will be made by the founder and Managing Director Karl Munthe-Kaas.



The opening keynote for the conference will be Anita Krohn Traseeth! Anita is Norwegians business executive, author and CEO of Innovation Norway, former Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard Norway. 


First case
As we proudly announced is the first case of the conference and will be presented by the founder and Managing Director Karl Munthe-Kaas.

Your project featured & discussed
Would you also like to have your Lean Startup project featured & discussed during the conference with Eric Ries? Next to the young technology driven and ambitious we are looking for other startup and corporate projects to present their cases in 15 minutes, followed by a 15 minute discussion with Eric Ries.

A “case” doesn’t necessarily have to be a success-story, but it should reflect an aspect of Lean Startup. The case presenter must share a best practice or a great learning in one of the 4 topics: Minimum Viable Product, Innovation accounting, Pivot or Build/Measure/Learn.

Free entrance
Case presenters get free entrance for the conference (1 person/case).

Submit your case here now!

To get a taste of the big event we're hosting a launch party on September 24th in The Scotsman Bar in Oslo. More information and registration see the link down here.

Register here

Thanks to Tore Rasmussen, Simen Fure Jørgensen, Rita Jonyer and other enthusiasts, the first 50 Lean Startup fans have joined the campaign! Eric Ries has been informed and is very happy to find out that the Norwegian community has such interest in Lean Startup. 

Event in option

What's next? As soon as possbile we will publish an event date and a venue. Both the date and the venue are "in option". Which means that the campaign team in Oslo, the team of Live on Demand and the community of fans still have work to do. 

Grow to 300

With your help this campaign can grow to 300 people. When this number is reached the event is finally booked and Eric Ries will be in Norway for a day of inspiration. 

Keep sharing! 

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