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Edial Dekker

Edial Dekker

to Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Appril: April, apps & heroes

April has arrived. Since two years April has become more than April fools’ day. It has become the month of apps: Appril! Jacqueline de Gruyter aka Miss Appril started the festival about apps and mobile Internet in 2013. More than 100 workshops, lectures and gatherings in five different cities. Appril was the first festival to collaborate with Live on Demand.

Months before the actual festival started, the crowd funding campaign started. In total 85 fans joined the campaign and Guest speaker Edial Dekker was funded and opened the festival. Fans that joined the crowdfunding effort enjoyed the opportunity to not only be at the lecture of Edial Dekker, but to also enjoy dinner with him before.

The lecture kicked off with Daan Kleiman, who told the audience about bitonic, the first bitcoin bank in the Netherlands. He surely convinced the people that they should invest in some bitcoins asap! Morris Franken took over the stage and surprised the audience with his fun and clever idea for an app that can read hieroglyphs. Now lets hope this does not leave all the hieroglyph translators in the world out of a job! At last it was time for the Live on Demand speaker Edial Dekker, founder of Gidsy, to enter the stage. With his interesting story and charismatic appearance, he proved to be a true artist in ‘app-land’.

The audience as well as the guest speaker seemed very enthusiastic about this first collaboration between a festival and Live on Demand. “It gives people the unique opportunity to invite who they really want to see live, it’s really cool!” a visitor said.

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Edial Dekker





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Edial Dekker has interesting ideas about digital culture. Collaborative consumption describes a movement that is concerned with the re-inventing of certain services by technological developments. We loved to hear his insights on this at the Appril Festival in Amsterdam
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Big news! This month Edial will leave GetyourGuide, the company that took over Gidsy, and will start working for Evenbrite. He will move to San Fransisco in the next weeks. You can read the whole article down below, but you can also hear him talk about his careerswitch at the Appril festival on April 1st if you join Miss Apprils request right now!
Article on Sprout

We contacted Edial about the crowdfunding campaign started by Miss Appril. Edial likes the idea. So If you help us to reach critical mass, we can book his trip from Berlin to Amsterdam. If enough fans join, Edial will be one of the opening speakers of the Appril Festival.

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Appril: April, apps & heroes

Edial Dekker guest speaker at Appril Festival

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