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Alfie Kohn

298 parents and 217 teachers successfully funded

Alfie Kohn

to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A different perspective on parenting and education

On a cold and rainy Thursday over 500 fans of Alfie Kohn gathered in De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. First up was the Education seminar ‘The schools our children deserve’ in which Alfie gave his vision on the Dutch testing system of CITO. After a short book signing break he started with the seminar about ‘Unconditional Parenting’. He explained why you shouldn’t punish or reward your kids and what you could do instead (which is ask questions).

On this page we gathered all the articles that were written about the seminars, the pictures we took (credit go to our co-founder YANi), the video we made with the highlights of the evening and an infographic to show you how Anne got her hero live on stage.

De Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102, Amsterdam

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Starter Experience

I think that what Alfie has to say is something that really needs to be heard here in The Netherlands. He speaks about children in a very different tone than we are used to.
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Started by Anne

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Alfie Kohn Education Seminar & Alfie Kohn Parenting Seminar

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