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Dan and Phil

Let's crowdfund

Dan and Phil

to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It's time for TATINOF Amsterdam

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It's time for The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire to come to Amsterdam! During a live stream Dan told us that he and Phil want to come, but venues are not booking hem. It is our turn as fans to let The Netherlands know that we DO want them here to see the essence of their YouTube video's live on stage. Check out their tour trailer below if you want a sneak peek of what it will be like.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (venue TBA)

To be decided

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Dan and Phil are two British YouTubers. After releasing a book called The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, they decided that it was time for a tour. They've traveled trough England, America and Australia and now it's Europe's turn. But there are only 3 shows... which are not in Amsterdam. When asked in his younow, Dan said "We tried.. they said no". And when VidCon EU came around, they had plans in Australia. BUDDIES, JUST COME OVER!

Started by Kirsten & Muriel


British roommates Dan and Phil are best known for their YouTube channels ‘danisnotonfire’ and ‘AmazingPhil’. After scrolling on YouTube and clicking on several recommended video's I came across their channels, which was the best thing to have ever happened. They are amazing people and very genuine. So after they announced 'The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire', an international tour based on their book 'The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire'. I had to do anything and everything to see these 2 guys. So far they have visited England, America and Australia. But their 'Europe' tour only contains 3 places, all too far away from Amsterdam. Let's get them over here!

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