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Ash Maurya

35 fans and 5 partners successfully crowdfunded

Ash Maurya

to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Turn your idea into a repeatable scalable business

The first workshop after the launch of his new book "Scaling Lean" - Amsterdam had the honours thanks the perseverence of fans Robbert and Otto. They managed to gather 35 fans and many partners to crowdfund a 2 day workshop on Running Lean and Scaling Lean with Ash Maurya. 

B.Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a

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Ash Maurya 2-day workshop


Ash Maurya 2-day workshop

Starter Experience

In this 2-day hands-on workshop, we learned a systematic methodology, developed through rigorous testing of Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping techniques on hundreds of products, it showed exactly how to get entrepreneurs to focus on the right actions for building the right product.
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Started by Otto, Adrie & Rune


Last week, Ash Maurya posted a new blog: 

"Simply running more experiments is not enough. More cycles around the build-measure-learn loop do not automatically lead to new insights. Many experiments simply invalidate a bad idea and leave you stuck.

So how then do you set yourself up for breakthrough? The answer lies in a deeper understanding of how true science is done: falsifiability"

Read the whole blog

We had the chance to ask Ash some questions regarding to his new book and more! Want a sneak peek about his ideas that will be put to practice during his workshop? 

Read the whole interview!

We're happy to announce that the workshop will be held at... B.Amsterdam, the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe! Still curious about where you and all the other paricipants will spend their productive, inspiring hours together? 

Check out their website!

Together with Ash we decided to add a new ticket type: the spectator ticket. These tickets will allow you to see the 2 day workshop so you can observe and learn about running- and scaling lean. These tickets are especially for startups and people who would like to only observe the exclusive workshop. In this way we provide a better acces for all.

Considering to be part of this interactive 2-day workshop? Here's another reason to join as fast as you can: the regular tickets are almost sold out! So, if you buy your tickets now, you will save up to 500 euro. What's stopping you? 

Ash Maurya announced he will definitely go over his next book, 'Scaling Lean', that will come out in June. Plus, all attendees will also get a hardcopy of his book. So, after this hands-on 2-day workshop, you will not only know how to put the latest knowledge on lean to practice, but you will also take home a book where you can always find this info. 

Check out the program to see what else Ash is preparing for you! 

Scaling Lean

The hard work and patience has paid off. We're happy to announce that the 2-day workshop event has officially been booked and will take place June 22!
There's no backing out now, the event is definitely going to happen!

The event program will be made public very soon as well. You'll be able to find it on this very page when it's live.

We did it guys! Congratulations 

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