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Paul Verhoeven

160 fans made it happen

Paul Verhoeven

to Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Daar was ie dan plots, de kleine grote man van de Nederlandse filmwereld: Paul Verhoeven.

Dwars door de uitverkochte zaal van het Amsterdamse Felix Meritus naar het podium wandelend, vol bewondering gadegeslagen door de blikken van jonge, Nederlandse filmtalenten. Het was het begin van alweer het dertiende succesvolle Live on Deman crowd source evenement: breng je favoriete held live op het podium.

Het is een ijzersterke formule: Wie wil je graag zien? Nodig zo veel mogelijk mensen uit om met jou die wens te realiseren en voor je het weet staat je held voor je neus.

Zoals deze 18e juni dus Paul Verhoeven, aangedragen door de Arne Toonen, regisseur van onder meer Black Out en Dik Trom.

Toonen wil graag voet aan de grond krijgen in Hollywood en had al geruime tijd geleden zijn zinnen gezet op een podiumgesprek met Verhoeven, die met Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Showgirls, Starship Troopers en Hollow Man zonder overdrijven een Hollywood-insider genoemd kan worden.

Aangevuurd door de excellerende debatleider Frederique de Jong ontspon zich een even boeiend als vermakelijk gesprek tussen het drietal op het podium en na de pauze ook met de zeer actieve en vraag-grage zaal.

Bron: IJsbrand van Veelen at Adformatie

Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

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As a director about to embark on a US Film adventure (hopefully), I would love to know about the do's and don'ts in the Hollywood industry. How the game is played, how to pick your battles as a director or creator. And learn from the master
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Started by Arne


With only one week to go, you're getting closer and closer in taking the first steps to conquer Hollywood. With the date set on June 18th and the venue booked - Felix Meriditis in Amsterdam - we're in full production mode to give you the most epic and inspiring event like you wished for. Invite everyone you know, because of course Paul Verhoeven needs a (extra)ordinary crowd.


One week until Paul Verhoeven enters the stage at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam
We have an update for you! At the moment Paul Verhoeven is producing a movie in France. The taping of this film started last week and will end March 2015. Then he will leave for Los Angeles and return to edit the recordings in the Netherlands. During his stay in the Netherlands there’s a good possibility to plan an event. Therefore the event will probably be in the springtime of 2015.

Time for another update, we just spoke to Paul's agent. Unfortunately we still don't have a date and time. But we are getting closer. Paul is working on some new projects, which require him to be in Holland more often, so we have good hopes of setting a date in the coming months. If you do not wish to wait any longer than you can request a refund by sending us an email at support[at]liveondemand[dot]com

Thus far Paul has not been able to find a space in his agenda yet to come visit us in Amsterdam. However we still have monthly phone calls with his agent to see when he will be in the Netherlands again and to see if he can combine this with a workshop for you. We'll keep you posted!

Tonight Arne met Paul to discuss the masterclass 'How to conquer Hollywood' (actually, it was hard to tell if the masterclass hadn't already started ;-)) Paul is looking forward to the masterclass. In the coming weeks we hope te set a date and then ticket sales will reopen. For now you can still add yourself to the waiting list.
Arne meets Paul
Great news! Paul said he likes helping young talent so we have a yes! Now all we need is a date, a location and a program. We will plan a meeting this month with Arne and Paul to discuss these things. After that the ticket sales will reopen again.

About a month ago you reached the first critical mass. Since then we have been trying to get in touch with Paul Verhoeven. Last week we talked to his agent. She told us that Paul rarely does public appearances anymore. However, she thought that he might like the fact that this would be for a group of young directors. She just needed to find the right time to ask him. So keep your fingers crossed!

Woohoo! You guys did it! All the Golden Tickets have been sold. We will now contact Paul Verhoeven to see if (and when) he would be able to come. Stay tuned..

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