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Mischa Rozema

Mischa Rozema

to Maastricht, The Netherlands


On Thursday the 20th of March about 40 people gathered in the ABK Maastricht to hear director Mischa Rozema talk about his latest film project Sundays.

After a short introduction of PostPanic, his production studio, he started telling about the long road leading up to the actual filming of Sundays. It’s a project already six years in the making and started out as an idea for a feature film. In the end the project split up into two. First a short film which will be released this year. This film was made using Kickstarter to gather enough funding. The short film will then be used to gather funding to make the feature film.

Mischa easily filled the two-hour lecture with fascinating anecdotes, exclusive footage and tips. For example, what’s the best place to work on a film script according to him? “An airplane. You’re stuck, there are no distractions so you can focus really well”. And; How do you scout for locations in Mexico City (where Sundays was shot) when you don’t have a budget yet to actually go there? “Google maps!” And then finally, the big moment was there. Time to see what all the work actually led to. Everyone got to see some great exclusive footage of Sundays!

Of course we can’t give you the exclusive look at Sundays, but we did make a video of the evening.

ABK, Maastricht

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Sundays; from past to post



Starter Experience

Mischa and his team raised over $50,000 through crowdfunding site Kickstarter for "Sundays" He is the director and initiator of this project. I am certain he can also inspire a lot of people in Maastricht who are working in this field.
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I'm sure you remember us filming at the seminar. Well the video is finally done! Take look back at the evening and when you click the link below you'll find a short recap of the seminar at our blog.
Blogpost Mischa Rozema

Thanks to partners of Cinesud, who decided to join in with 20 people, and some last minute fans we reached the second critical mass! This means that the booking is final and that Mischa will definitely come to Maastricht on March 20th! Didn't get a ticket yet? There are still tickets available.

When you're among the first fans to join a request, you take a risk. You don't know if and when the event will take place. Taking risk should always be rewarded so we give these first fans, the so called Golden Ticket holders, certain privileges when the event does take place. So what are the Golden Ticket privileges for the Mischa Rozema fans? They do not only get the best seat, they also get a Meet&Greet with Mischa and a last but not least a Sundays T-shirt! Now all that we need are 40 more fans to join the event so that we can make the booking final. So hurry and invite all your friend, colleagues and family members!

Great news! We talked to Mischa and although Sundays will not be finished in March, he will definitely be able to show you some new footage! Who doesn't love an exclusive sneak peek?

It took a bit of time but we have found a date and location for the event! Mischa will give you an insight in his Sundays project on March 20th at the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht. Make sure you don't miss out, get your ticket now!

Are you also curious about what Sundays will look like? You can stop guessing! Take a look at this sneak peek into the Sundays world.

Ok, it was a Skype meeting, but that didn't affect their enthusiasm. The outlines of the evening were set quickly with two main subjects: the story of how Mischa crowdfunded his project with Kickstarter and the making of Sundays itself. A great program for anyone interested in crowdfunding, film production and animation.

We spoke to Mischa! He feels flattered by the idea that fans have started this request. The Sundays project is actually already pretty far in development. If we plan the event in March 2014, Mischa will be able to present parts of Sundays as a try-out.

Woohoo! You guys did it! All the Golden Tickets have been sold. We will now contact Mischa Rozema to see if (and when) he would be able to come. Stay tuned..

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