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Demand the best for your business with Live on Demand

Inspiring gurus, gamechangers or break through thinking scientists… with Live on Demand, you can invite your favorite speaker.

Why should you join?

  • Your team and your brand are part of unique events
  • Crowdfunding the budget with others makes it cost effective
  • Become part of an active community of likeminded people
  • Speakers give their best performance for a fan-powered event
  • Become independent of the choice and timing of the mainstream conferences

How can you join?

  • Starter: Kickstart and co-create an event for your favourite speaker
  • Partner: Join an event and get privileges including a private session
  • Groupdeal: Join an event with a team at discounted rates


Are you interested in participating in one of our events? Contact us via or +31 6 49 10 20 09

Start your campaign

CASE: Eric Ries

Lean Startup fans led a successful campaign to get Eric Ries to Amsterdam, author and founder of the Lean Startup movement. The event grew to a full day of inspiration with keynotes, interactive sessions and social networking and was attended by

  • 800 participants
  • 10 companies
  • 24 startups
  • 18 bloggers and press representatives

Resulting in an 8.0 customer satisfaction rating